Ramnode coupon code (10% off) – March 2017

About Ramnode

Ramnode is an extremely high quality host which offers both OpenVZ and KVM VPSes. Their plans start at just $15/year for a 128MB VPS with either 12GB storage space (SSD) or 80GB (SSD cached)

They have 4 locations in the US (New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles) and an EU location (Netherlands) as well.

I have two VPSes with them myself, one is just a development box (SSD) and the other is a backup box (SSD-cached) which as of right now has 206 days uptime.

Before signing up, I have written a review of Ramnode (including speedtests and benchmarks) which you can read here


Right now, Ramnode a coupon code which can be used on any VPS (both OpenVZ and KVM)

The codes even work for existing customers!

Click here to visit Ramnode and use the coupon code SSD10 for 10% off any new VPS!

Vultr Coupon Codes ($20 free credit) – March 2017

About Vultr

Vultr is a quality host which provides cheap KVM VPSes with pure SSD drives for great performance across 14 locations world wide. One huge advantage Vultr has over Digital Ocean and other competitors is that it allows custom ISOs.

Since Vultr offers a 768MB RAM package for as little as $5/mo this means it’s a great for running a Windows VPS. For instructions on how to do this, you can read my tutorial here.

I have written a review (with speedtests and benchmarks) which you can read here


What’s even better than a high quality VPS for only $5/mo? Coupons which make it even cheaper of course! Below are some current coupons you can use with Vultr

Click here to visit Vultr and get $20 free credit!

Update: the above offer has now expired.